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 How To Apply

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PostSubject: How To Apply   How To Apply Icon_minitime15.12.10 23:50

When making an application, include the following: Soldier name, Server(s) commonly played on, Length of time played, Age, Gender, location, Previous Clans (if applicable) and language(s) spoken, and first language and if you use TS, voip in game and if you have a mic and or willing to get one.
Server: Used to play on =JoD=
Time: 1 year
Previous Clans: =JoD=
Languages: English (fluent) Canadian French (Somewhat)
First Language: English
Communication: TS and Voip
(Add other Misc details you wish to include, such as a referral here by a member, (include name) details about yourself, why you want to join us, etc)

****NOTE**** Previous JoD Members Need Not Apply, They are Automatically allowed in VaV If They Wish

Also note: We do not discriminate because of Age, Gender, Location, Language, or Skill, we would simply like to know about the people in our clan
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How To Apply
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