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 Rules and Punishments.

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Rules and Punishments. Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Punishments.   Rules and Punishments. Icon_minitime15.12.10 22:05

...welcome to our forum...

..we αre α ɢroυp wнo αвιdes тo oυr ѕeт rυleѕ..

..oυr rυleѕ αre ѕιмple; αвιde, αɴd yoυ ѕнαll вe αccepтed ιɴ wιтн opeɴ αrмѕ..

A) Do Not Hack.
-Punishment: You will be warned..Then banned..
B) Do Not Swear..
-Punishment: You will be warned. Then Kicked. Further persistence, Banned..
*Yes, One Slips Now and Then. We Will Forgive For The First Few Times.*
C) Do Not Team Kill Constantly!.
-Punishment: You will be warned. Then kicked. Banned is our last option..
*Team Killing Happens. We Know. Try To Keep It Minimum Though!*
D) Air Ship Ramming Will NOT Be Tolerated!.
-Punishment: You will be Warned. Then kicked, and then Banned..
*Yes, It Happens. Keep It To A Minimum, PLEASE.*
E) Pod Surfing Has Low Tolerance With Us!
-Punishment: You will be banned Immediately.

Banning. Kicking. Warning.
Banning; This is the least we want to do! Please do not force us to use this.
You will be unbanned if your plea is Reasonable!

Kicking; This is Minor, but, Kicking is used for REASONS, we do NOT Want to use or Banning option. Use this as a warning!

Warning; This is your first step to a kick. Please, do as the warning says, and obey its request!

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Rules and Punishments.
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